AAF American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum - Anti Aircraft Guns - M1939 37mm North Vietnamese ZP-39 Anti Aircraft Gun
Bill Maloney

01M193937mmVietnameseAntiAi 02VietnameseAAGunsighti 03VietnameseAAGunsighti 04M193937mmVietnameseAA
01 M1939 37mm North Vietnamese Anti Aircraft Gun 02 North Vietnamese AA Gunsight Damage 03 North Vietnamese AA Gunsight Damage 04 M1939 37mm NVA Vietnamese AA Gun
05M193937mmVietnameseAA 06M193937mmVietnameseAA    
05 M1939 37mm Vietnamese AA Mount Bamboo Seat Repair 06 M1939 37mm Vietnamese AA Gun Seat

North Vietnamese 37mm ZP-39 Anti Aircraft Gun

Cartidge - 37mm
Action - Recoil
Rate of Fire - 80 Rounds Per Min/approx
Muzzle Velocity - 1,200fps
Range - 10,000 yards
Ceiling - 9,800 feet
Weight of Round - 1.7lbs
Barrel Lenght - 8.8 feet
Weight Towed - 4,600lbs

This NVA 73mm ZP-39 AA gun was captured from the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. A jury rigged bamboo support for the broken seat base is still in place. Notice the shell hole through the gunsight, which must have killed the gunner instantly.

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