1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum - Stinson Reliant Restoration
Bill Maloney

01StinsonReliantRestoration 02StinsonReliantRestoration 03StinsonReliantInstrumentPanel 04StinsonReliantRestoration
01 Stinson Reliant Restoration 02 Stinson Reliant Restoration 03 Stinson Reliant Instrument Panel 04 Stinson Reliant Restoration
05StinsonReliantFuselage 06StinsonReliantTailWheel 07StinsonReliantTail 08StinsonReliantRestoration
05 Stinson Reliant Fuselage 06 Stinson Reliant Tail Wheel 07 Stinson Reliant Tail 08 Stinson Reliant Restoration
09StinsonReliantNose 10StinsonReliantThrottleQuadrant 11StinsonReliantYokeLinkage 12StinsonReliantInstrumentPanel
09 Stinson Reliant Nose 10 Stinson Reliant Throttle Quadrant 11 Stinson Reliant Yoke Linkage 12 Stinson Reliant Instrument Panel

Stinson Reliant Specifications:

Stinson Reliant V-77 at the Canadian Air & Space Museum
Stinson Reliant V-77 at the Canadian Air & Space Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Length: 29 feet, 4 inches
41 feet, 11 inches
8 feet 7 inches
Empty - 2,800lbs Max Takeoff - 4,600lbs
Max Speed: 145mph
Cruise Speed: 130mph
Range: 630 miles
Service Ceiling: 14,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 76 gallons
Powerplant: Lycoming R-680 9 cyl air cooled radial engine 300hp
First Flight : 1931
Cost: $14,000

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