1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum - Ryan L-17
Bill Maloney

01RyanL17Navion 02 Ryan L-17 Lycoming GO-435 03RyanL17NoseGear 04RyanL17MainGear
01 Ryan L-17 Navion 02 Ryan L-17 Lycoming GO-435 03 Ryan L-17 Nose Gear 04 Ryan L-17 Main Gear
05RyanL17NavionCanopy 06RyanL17NavionTail 07Ryan L-17 Lycoming GO-435 08RyanL17NavionNose
05 Ryan L-17 Navion Canopy 06 Ryan L-17 Navion Tail 07 Ryan L-17 O-185 08 Ryan L-17 Navion Nose
09RyanL17CargoHatch 10RyanL17NavigationLight    
09 Ryan L-17 Cargo Hatch 10 Ryan L-17 Navigation Light

Ryan L-17 Liasion Aircraft Specifications:

North American L-17 Navion
Another North American Navion L-17 can be found at the MAPS Air Museum in North Canton, OH

Length: 27 feet, 3 inches
33 feet, 4 inches
8 feet, 6 inches
Empty - 1,780lbs Max Takeoff - 2,700lbs
Max Speed: 163mph
Cruise Speed: 150mph
Range: 700 miles
Service Ceiling: 11,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 60 gallons
Powerplant: Continental E-185-3 air cooled 6cyl opposed gas engine 205hp
First Flight : 1948
Cost: $14,000

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