1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum - Antonov An-2 Colt
Bill Maloney

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01AntonovColt 02AntonovColt 03AntonovColt 04AntonovColtMainGear
01 Antonov Colt 02 Antonov Colt 03 Antonov Colt 04 Antonov Colt Main Gear
05AntonovTailWheel 06WingBracing 07An2Canopy 08AntonovAn2ExhaustStack
05 Antonov Tail Wheel 06 Wing Bracing 07 An2 Canopy 08 Antonov An2 Exhaust Stack
09An2LandingLight 10An2WingBracing 11An2Aileron 12AntonovAn2Colt
09 An-2 Landing Light 10 An-2 Wing Bracing 11 An-2 Aileron 12 Antonov An-2 Colt
13ShvetsovASh62RRadialEngine 14An2OilCooler 15An2Canopy 16An2NatashaNoseArt
13 Shvetsov ASh62R Radial Engine 14 An-2 Oil Cooler 15 An-2 Canopy 16 An-2 Natasha Nose Art

Antonov An-2 Colt Specifications:

Length: 41 feet, 9 inches
59 feet, 8 inches
13 feet, 2 inches
2+ 10 or 2,900lbs cargo
Empty - 7,600lbs Max Takeoff - 12,120lbs
Max Speed: 161mph
Cruise Speed: 115mph
Range: 560 miles
Service Ceiling: 14,400 feet
Fuel Capacity: 200 gallons
Powerplant: Shvetsov ASh62R Air Cooled Radial Engine 1,000hp
First Flight : 1947
Cost: $

I want to give a big thank you to my friend and Siberian native Luba Becker for translating the Russian Cryllic text on the interior of the Antonov An-2.

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