Diefenbunker Cold War Museum - Entrance
Bill Maloney

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01DiefenbunkerEntrance 02 b43 Thermonuclear Bomb 03DepartmentOfNationalDefense 04OneMegatonNuclearBlastCasualtyMap
01 Diefenbunker Entrance 02 B43 Thermonuclear Bomb 03 Department Of National Defense 04 One Megaton Nuclear Blast Casualty Map
05OneMegatonNuclearBlastCasualtyMap 06DiefenbunkerTunnelEntrance 07Mk4NuclearBomb 08Mk4NuclearBomb
05 One Megaton Nuclear Blast Casualty Map 06 Diefenbunker Tunnel Entrance 07 Mk4 Nuclear Bomb 08 Mk4 Nuclear Bomb
09DiefenbunkerFreightDoor 10DiefenbunkerFreightDoor 11MainEntrance 12MainEntrance
09 Diefenbunker Freight Door 10 Diefenbunker Freight Door 11 Main Entrance 12 Main Entrance
13DecontaminationShowers 14RadioactiveClothingDisposalChute 15DecontaminationShowers 16DecontaminationShowers
13 Decontamination Showers 14 Radioactive Clothing Disposal Chute 15 Radiation Decontamination Showers 16 Radiation Decontamination Showers

You enter the Diefenbunker entrance tunnel via a small steel shack. The tunnel is lined with corrugated steel and slopes down to the bunker entrance then up again and out to the second entrance. The heavy steel doors to the bunker itself are in a corridor that Ts off to the right of the tunnel. A near miss nuclear blast wave would hopefully blow in one entrance and out the other with minimal damage to the reinforced steel doors to the bunker.

The Mk 6 Nuclear bomb is a very well done reproduction.

The Thermonuclear bombs look like actual bomb casings but were not labeled.

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