Swan's Island
Bill Maloney

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01LobsterBoat 02Ferryview 03LeavingBassHarbor 04Ferryview 05ArrivingAtSwansIsland
Lobster Boat Ferry view Leaving Bass Harbor Ferry view Arriving At Swan's Island
06ArrivingAtSwansIsland 07TheFerryLeaves 08LobsterBouys 09LobsterBouys 10LobsterBouys
Arriving At Swan's Island The Ferry Leaves Lobster Bouys Lobster Bouys Lobster Bouys
11DuffyHarbor 12LawnArt 13MoreLawnArt 14Shoreline 15IslandLighthouse
Duffy Harbor Lawn Art More Lawn Art Shoreline Island Lighthouse

Swans Island is a small island located just south of Mount Desert Island. The best way to visit is by bike. Go to Southwest Harbor on Mount Desert and take the 9am ferry. The trip is about 45 minutes. After arriving I pedal to the general store for a sandwich, then over to the lighthouse to enjoy the view, usually by myself (there were no other bikers on the island this day to my surprise). Check out the views from around the lighthouse grounds, but that grass is slippery, even when dry (Really!). Then pedal back to the main road and head left. You will reach a causeway with water on each side and some picnic tables (where the rowboat shot was taken). Continue beyond that and take the 2nd dirt road to the left for about a mile and change and park your bike at the bottom of the hill. Take the trail that runs to the left and you'll eventually come to that very secluded sandy beach. Plan to take the 3pm ferry back (I did 18 miles that day, you can do less or more). That will allow you enough time to see most of the island and hang out and relax. It's one of my favorite places (the folks there are very friendly). Clear days are the best. This day was a little on the hazy side.

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