Gorham Mountain
Bill Maloney

01Cobblestone 02TrailBridge 03SandBeach 04SandBeach 05GreatHead
Cobblestone Trail Bridge Sand Beach Sand Beach Great Head
06ThunderHoleFromAbove 07GorhamMountainView 08OtterCliffs 09AcadiaShoreline 10AtTheSummit
Thunder Hole From Above Gorham Mountain View. Otter Cliffs Acadia Shoreline At The Summit

These are some shots from the Gorham Mountain Trail in Acadia National Park. I think it has some of the best sweeping views of the park, with Sand Beach, Great Head, and Otter Cliffs all in view from the summit. The trail splits about a third of a mile from the parking lot. The right or lower loop is technical and difficult, but more interesting. The left loop is easier. Take the right loop going up and the left loop coming down. The right route is not much fun going downhill. Partway up the lower loop you reach an alcove a few hundred feet above sea level. This was once filled with cobblestones, but the locals and visitors spirited them off one by one until only one was left wedged in tightly. This alcove marks sea level thousands of years ago.



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