Franconia Notch Bike Path in September
Bill Maloney

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01KOACampinginLittletonOnTheRiver 02PathBridge 03TheBasin 04TheBasin 05TheBasin
KOA Camping in Littleton On The River Path Bridge The Basin The Basin The Basin
06TheBasin 07PathBridge 08BridgeToCampsites 09PathBridge 10MeOnThePath
The Basin Path Bridge Bridge To Campsites Path Bridge Me On The Path
11Lakeside 12Tunnel 13OldRoadBridgeNowAbandoned 14OldFacelessManOfTheMountain 15Lakeside
Lakeside Tunnel Old Road Bridge Now Used for the Bike Path Old Faceless Man Of The Mountain Lakeside

The Franconia Notch Bike path is an awsome paved trail that runs from the Flume Gorge parking lot north for about 9 miles. You'll pass deep forest, streams, lakes, and mountain and cliffside views. I've been told the trail has 1000' of verticle rise, but a lot of it is up and down along the way so I suspect it's a good deal more than that when you add it all up. You can see where the Old Man of the Mountain used to be if you take a short walk off the main trail. There are no motor vehicles allowed so the trail is pretty safe and relaxed. Although I hear it can get crowded on weekends in the summer.


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