Burlington Bike Path in September 03
Bill Maloney

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01SailingAtCauseway 02SailingAtCauseway 03SailingAtCauseway 04ViewToTheEnd 05OnTheCauseway
Sailing At Causeway Sailing At Causeway Sailing At Causeway View To The End On The Causeway
06OnTheCauseway 07OnTheCauseway 08OnTheCauseway 09OnTheCauseway 10NorthOfTheRiver
On The Causeway On The Causeway On The Causeway On The Causeway North Of The River
11NorthOfTheRiver 12MarshBoardwalk 13MarshBoardwalk 14BikeFerry 15BikeFerry
North Of The River Marsh Boardwalk Marsh Boardwalk Bike Ferry Bike Ferry

These are some shots of the Burlington Bike path. It runs along the shore of Lake Champlain a starting a couple miles south of downtown Burlington. The path is paved from the south end up to the Winooski river. The easiest place to start is at the south end. From Rt. 7 a few blocks north of 89, turn left (West) on Flynn St. and that takes you directly to the park. The path takes you north through a residential area, then past a railway yard and into the downtown area along the marina. It continues north along the shoreline, past some semi commercial areas and residential neighborhoods, some upscale, some not. It stops at the river, and on the weekends in the fall there is a boat ferry that costs a buck each way to get you across (it may run during the week in the summer). I was told a bridge is in the future for that crossing. After crossing the river you bike along a boardwalk through a marsh, then through another residential neighborhood. Then you reach the causeway, which is about 30' wide and continues out onto Lake Champlain another 4 miles on a dirt track until it comes to an open channel where you either stop or swim. If you could get across (I was also told that the ferry will be moved to this point once the bridge is build over the river) it would continue out to an island another mile or so out. These photos start from the north end of the causeway and work south. The ride totals about 12 miles in each direction if you cross the river, 7 miles if you don't.

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