Steamboat, Rideau Canal
Bill Maloney

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01ApproachingLocks 02EnteringLocks 03TieingUp 04WaitingToBeLowered 05WaitingToBeLowered
ApproachingLocks EnteringLocks TieingUp WaitingToBeLowered WaitingToBeLowered
06Boiler 07VernsEngine 08Guy 09Fantail 10Smokestack
Boiler VernsEngine Guy Fantail Smokestack
11Bonnie 12Bonnie 13AnotherLock 14SeveralFeetDown 15BuildingSteam
Bonnie Bonnie AnotherLock SeveralFeetDown BuildingSteam

I had stopped for lunch at the Rideau canal locks and up comes this steamboat. So I see the engine and it seems to be hand made and I ask if he made it himself. He says no he got it from a guy in New Hampshire. I asked if it was Vern Leduc and he looked very surprised and said yes. Considering I was from NJ and this fellow (Guy was his name) was from Ottawa it was rather surprising.

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