Dixon Cleans His Garage
Bill Maloney

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01StillLotsOfStuff 02StuffFromTheGaragePilesUp 03StillMoreToComeOut 04ItsPilingUp 05TheBagsMuliply
Still Lots Of Stuff Stuff From The Garage Piles Up Still More To Come Out Its Piling Up! The Bags Multiply
06TheresASeriesIUnderThereS 07StuffToBeSaved 08MakingProgress 09HesLayingDownCarpet 10AndSomeSpaceAppears
There's A Series I Under There! Stuff To Be Saved Making Progress He's Laying Down Carpet!!! And Some Space Appears
11YouCanActuallyWalkThrough 12TheWorkBenchIsErVisible 13DixonRollsOutMoreCarpet 14WellItsSortaRed 15DaleIsAwed
You Can Actually Walk Through! The Work Bench Is, Er, Visible Dixon Rolls Out More Carpet Well, Its Sorta Red Dale's Awed!


Clearing out the back corner of the garage

The Back Porch

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