Diefenbunker, Ontario Canada
Bill Maloney

01BunkerEntrance 02RadioTower 03VentilationShaft 04EscapeShaft 05AccessHatch
Bunker Entrance Radio Tower Ventilation Shaft Escape Shaft Access Hatch
06RadioShacks 07GuardHouse 08AccessTunnel    
Radio Shacks Guard House Access Tunnel

The Diefenbunker is a 4 story concrete bunker situated about a half hour west of Ottawa Canada. It's purpose was to shelter the Canadian leadership in the event of nuclear war. On the tour it was said that when the Canadian PM was told he couldn't bring his family he said he would never set foot in the place in the event of an attack. Most of the equipment and furniture has been stripped of the place, and the volunteers have been scavenging pieces wherever they can. The tour was good, but then we had a very humorous guide. It would have been very dry otherwise. The most disappointing aspect of the tour was that photographs were not allowed inside. The reason given was that some photos had gone up on the net and had been misrepresented, and that some exhibits were "flash sensitive". Apparently they have not heard of the Smithsonian's study of the effects of camera flash, and that the museum no longer prohibits flash photos.

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