Olympic Kayak Training, Downtown Ottawa
Bill Maloney

01ReadyAtStart 02ThroughTheGates 03SecondBoatOff 04ThroughTheGates 05ThroughTheGates
Ready At Start Through The Gates Second Boat Off Through The Gates Through The Gates
06ThroughTheGates 07ToTheFinish 08TakingABreather 09ThroughTheGates 10ThroughTheGates
Through The Gates To The Finish Taking A Breather Through The Gates Through The Gates
11ThroughTheGates 12ThroughTheGates 13ToTheFinish    
Through The Gates Through The Gates To The Finish

Right in downtown Ottawa is this sluiceway of fast water emerging from a hydroelectric plant. Dixon Kenner tells me it is a former spillway for the lumber and paper industry that used to line both shores of the Ottawa river. Up and down the channel are red and white or green and white gates hanging from cables that the Canadian Olympic Kayaking Team uses for training. The kayakers are given directions on which gates determined their route. Then they were off to do that route 3 different times, heading down stream and returning to the start paddling against the current. These guys seemed really good.

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