Canada Day, Ottawa 2004
Bill Maloney

01TornFlag 02CanalView 03CanalView 04CanalView 05AfterTheRain
Torn Flag      Canal View      Canal View      Canal View      After The Rain     
06AfterTheRain 07ATreeFalls 08BandageDisposal 09IntoTheAmbulance 10IntoTheAmbulance
After The Rain      A Tree Falls      Bandage Disposal      Into The Ambulance      Into The Ambulance     
11IntoTheAmbulance 12AfterTheRain 13TheHill    
Into The Ambulance      After The Rain      The Hill     

Dixon and I went into the city for the Canada Day festivities. Shortly after we arrived it was obvious a rain front was coming in fast and we headed for shelter under a bridge along the Rideau Canal. The rains got heavier just after we got there, then it turned into a wild windy torrent with spectacular thunder and lightning strikes all around. The result was that a lot of folks got very wet. And a few that were unfortunate enough to take shelter under a tree left on stretchers. The large flag was intact when we arrived.

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