Dows Lake, Rideau Canal Path
Bill Maloney

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From Dixon Kenner: The Lake was originally a swamp. The road on the north side is actually on
the top of a very wide earthen dam, all park now. Around the lake was all
industry and such. Looks quite disgusting from the photos in the 1890's.
Canal was originally to run straight north from there and link in with
locks around where Bill's kayak photos are taken. However, a
speculator had bought some land towards the Ottawa River and Colonel By
(engineer in charge of building the canal) refused to pay a premium on the
land. So, he moved the canal to its current location, probably costing the
British taxpayer more than the original route, but keeping with his
principles. So, we get to thank both the British taxpayer and the American
Manifest Destiny for the lovely canal we have through the city!

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