Rovers North Rally 1988
Bill Maloney

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01Blindfolded obstacle course 02Blindfolded obstacle course 03ChrisOnCourse 04ChrisNcameraMan 05RickMoore
Blindfolded obstacle course Blindfolded obstacle course Chris On Course Chris N camera Man Rick Moore
06RickGetsDirectionsByRadio 07AlAboutToJumpForHisLife 08MarkLetourney 09SIIIOffRoad 10LongwheelbaseOffRoad
Rick Gets Directions By Radio Al About To Jump For His Life Mark Letourney SIII Off Road Long wheelbase Off Road
11ChrisVelonisGetsTowed 12almostStuck 13MeetingOfMinds 14ChrisOnRally 15Chris
Chris Velonis Gets Towed AlmostStuck Meeting Of Minds Chris On Rally Chris


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