Replacing the Rear Safari Door Seals
Bill Maloney

01OldSeals 02NewTopSeal 03NewBottomSeal.jpg 04NewTopSeal 05ReadyForRivets.jpg
OldSeals NewTopSeal NewBottomSeal NewTopSeal ReadyForRivets

These are a few frames of my replacement of the rear safari door seals on my Series IIA Land Rover. I spent the extra money on genuine seals figuring I wouldn't have to do much fitting. But all had to be cut to fit and the holes in the new seals don't align with the holes from the old seals so plenty of new holes had to be drilled. The door would not latch at first so I sprayed the hinge side seal with silicone and then adjusted the striker a bit and it now closes solidly. One less opening now for drafty air.


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