Mike Rooth, his IIA 88 and his miniature steam engine, which he built from scratch!
Bill Maloney

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MikeNNora Nora, a IIA 88 Steamed veggies & engines Mike builds a head of steam Mike making a run to the pub for some nasty brown beer

As well as being a skilled craftsman, Mike is also a wonderful wordsmith. Below are some of the missives he's created:

Dead Chuffed [Scale RR, part I]
Still Chuffed [Scale RR, part II]
Steaming [Scale RR, part III]
Red Face Time [Scale RR, Part IV]
Just Rambling [Scale RR, Part V]

Mr Mole (aka ViceGrips)
Signals from Ships
Beaurocracy Gone Mad
Metric Madness
Owl and Horses
Soot and Roo Bars


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