The Big Cream Beastie
Bill Maloney

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The Big Cream Beastie The Engine Bay Why Won't It Fire Right? The Nasty Carb Post!? What Post?
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Is That Daylight? Sloppy Baseplate

.... now runs properly. The first thing I found was that the carb was not getting fuel. Dixon provided another fuel pump which was just as ineffective. I ended up scavenging through the parts of 3 fuel pumps to get one that was working and now had fuel to the carb. But it didn't start well without choke and would not continue to run. Dixon did not want to use one of his new carbs off the shelf, so I took the carb off the BGB and put it on and it now would start better, but it still was not right. There was no timing pointer front or rear so there was no way to determine how it was timed. Dixon cut a notch in a timing pointer and installed ti for me... backwards. Then he cut another notch and had it in right. Then I timed it and it finally would start but it still ran like crap. But sometimes it ran rather smoothly. As I was checking and adjusting I found the timing and dwell seemed to change (a LOT) , and I readjusted it twice. Next I figured what the heck let's pull the distributor and see what happens, as it really did seem to be getting enough fuel. I pulled it and found that the baseplate the points ride on was really sloppy. Enough to shift the points around depending on how it was angled. But the bigger problem was when I pulled the baseplate off. One advance spring was loose and the other was stretched and wrapped around the shaft. I looked for the posts they connected to and they were broken off and there was a hole in the lower side of the distributor. So I took the distributor off the BGB (which in fact was Alistair's) and put it on and what a world of difference. Even with dirty points and a scored rotor and cap it ran as it should. Dix pulled out some new points, cap and rotor and they all went in and now it starts and runs like a Land Rover. All it needs is a bellcrank for the carb linkage.

Postscript - Dix did not want to get parts for the distributor or put a working carb on so the carb and distributor went back on the BGB and so the dormobile sits again.



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