OVLR Birthday Party 2000
Bill Maloney

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01Dock 02Lake 03BillnAls88s 04witt 05Q80
The Dock at the campground Silver Lake BillnAls88s Jan Hilborn's Witt Q's Menagerie   
0680Camp 07Dave 08BGB 09Canoe 10Tan88
Andrew Finlayson's 80 at camp Red Square & BGB Red Square & BGB Dixon's Canoe Tan 88
11D110 12IIA88 1380Camp 1488n101 15DixDave
Joe Tolerico's 110 TDI Bruce Fowler's Timshel Andy's 80 and tent Dave Lowe's 101 and Brett Storey's 88 Dix & Dave


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