The Engine and Transmission Rebuild on my IIA 88
Bill Maloney

0188Rebuild 0288Rebuild 0388Rebuild 0488Rebuild 0588Rebuild
Fender off Hood off Radiator off Accessories off Cleaning & Painting
0688Rebuild 0788Rebuild 0888Rebuild 0988Rebuild 1088Rebuild
Old Motor comes out Rebuilt motor On the stand Motor is in Rebuilt mainbox and transfer

Francisco Silva - please try emailing me again. I was not able to reply to your question and do not have a working email address for you - Bill

The engine has been completely rebuilt. I used hardened steel exhaust valves, hardened exhaust seats, bored .020 over, crank ground .010 under. It goes pretty well now. The machining was done at a local machine shop. I did the dissasembly and assembly. Doing an engine rebuild is really satisfying.

The transmission has been rebuilt with new synchro, all new bearings, new 1st-3rd gears and reverse.


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