109 Valve Train Damage
Bill Maloney

01HoodUp 02NewWaterpump 03ValveDeposits 04ValveDeposits 05BrokenNBent
Hood Up New Waterpump Valve Deposits Valve Deposits Broken & Bent

After not having run for a few years I found myself with the time and motivation to get my 109 running. After dealing with a starter, alternator, battery, fuel pump, clogged fuel lines and other odds and ends I finally got it running and adjusted properly. I shut it down for the day and in the morning started it to move it and all hell broke loose. The cause was the old fuel. Instead of draining it I added several gallons of fresh fuel thinking it would dilute it enough to make the fuel in the tank usable. Unfortunately after I shut it off the varnish in the fuel hardened on the valves. So when I started it up the valves stuck and broke two lifters and bent one pushrod and wore away the inside of the valve guides so that I had to have them reamed and bronze sleeves installed. An expensive lesson for sure.

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