Destroyer Escort Slater - Depth Charges
Bill Maloney

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USS Slater DE-766

Mk 6 K-Gun Depth Charge Projector:

Ammo: Mk 6 or Mk 9/14 Depth Charge
28 inches
18 inches
Warhead Weight :
300lbs TNT (Mk 6), 200lbs Torpex (Mk 9/14)
Complete Weight: 420lbs (Mk 6), 380lbs (Mk 9/14)
Sink Rate: 9fps (Mk 6), 23fps (Mk 9/14)
Depth: 30-300ft (Mk 6) 30-1,000ft (Mk 9/14)
Mk 6 Range: 50/75/120yds (Mk 6), 60/90/150yds (Mk 9/14) to the side of the ship depending on weight of charge used
Propellant Charge : 1 to 3 three inch cases of black powder
Trigger: Manual lanyard or electically from bridge
Number of Mounts: 4

The Mk 6 depth charge is the cylindrical shape we normally see in WWII movies and photos. It had a disadvantage in that it was not streamlined and sank slowly at the rate of 9 feet per second. This was a disadvantage especially if the enemy submarine was at a deep depth where it had a better chance of getting far enough away from the blast radius to escape serious damage. This evolved into the Mk 9/14 depth charge which although was 40lbs lighter was streamlined with fins and a 40lb weight in the nose. The Mk 9/14 dpeth charge sank to depth more than twice as fast (23 feet per second) and was more likely to detonate in the target area and depth before the sub submarine was out of the blast radius.

More USS Slater depth charge photos from 2008 - Better views of the rear portside depth charge rack and the construction of a new starboard rack by Slater volunteers and staff. The crew was rushing to get them completed in time for filming to start for the upcoming film "Orion in Midsummer".

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