Sassafras Lapstrake Canoe - Third Coat Of Varnish
Bill Maloney

01SassafrasCanoe 02SassafrasCanoe 03SassafrasVarnishedInterio 04SassafrasVarnishedInterio
01 Sassafras Canoe 02 Sassafras Canoe 03 Sassafras Varnished Interior 04 Sassafras Varnished Interior
05VarnishedBulkhead 06FlushDeck 07SassafrasVarnished 08SassafrasVarnishedInterio
05 Varnished Bulkhead 06 Flush Deck 07 Sassafras Varnished 08 Sassafras Varnished Interior
09SassafrasVarnishedInterio 10VarnishedSeatBlocks 11VarnishedSeatBlocks 12VarnishedBulkhead
09 Sassafras Varnished Interior 10 Varnished Seat Blocks 11 Varnished Seat Blocks 12 Varnished Bulkhead
13SassafrasCanoe 14SassafrasCanoe    
13 Sassafras Canoe 14 Sassafras Canoe

I probably should have left it at 3 coats but I couldn't leave well enough alone.

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