Sassafras Lapstrake Canoe - Sanded After Second Coat of Varnish
Bill Maloney

01SassafrasSanded 02SassafrasSanded 03SassafrasBulkheadSanded 04SandedBow
01 Sassafras Sanded 02 Sassafras Sanded 03 Sassafras Bulkhead Sanded 04 Sanded Bow
05SassafrasCanoe 06SassafrasCanoe 07SassafrasCanoeSanded 08SassafrasCanoeSanded
05 Sassafras Canoe 06 Sassafras Canoe 07 Sassafras Canoe Sanded 08 Sassafras Canoe Sanded
In between coats of varnish I wet sanded all surfaces with fine abrasive paper being sure to scuff up all the smooth shiny areas so that the subsequent coats of Schooner Varnish would ahere properly.

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