Sassafras Lapstrake Canoe - Other Classes Going On While We Were There
Bill Maloney

01BoatbuildingClass 02BoatBuildingClass 03ForgingInstructor 04ForgingClass 05CrankingTheBellows
Boat Building Class Boat Building Class Forging Instructor Forging Class Cranking The Bellows
06BeginningToFormTheMetal 07HammeringAway 08HeatingWorkPieces 09InstructorDemo 10HammeringIntoShape
Beginning To Form The Metal Hammering Away Heating Work Pieces Instructor Demo Hammering Into Shape
11HeatingHerWork 12AdmiringHerWork 13AVeryNicePeice    
Heating Her Work Admiring Her Work A Very Nice Peice

There were other classes going on at the same time as ours. One was general boatbuilding, and the other was iron forging, which surprisingly looked like a lot of fun. At least the class and instructors were having a lot of fun.

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