A Snapping Turtle Killed by a Weighted Hook
Bill Maloney

01DeadSnappingTurtle 02DeadSnappingTurtle 03DeadSnappingTurtle 04ShellIsCracking 05HookEmbeddedInHisNeck
Dead Snapping Turtle, June 21 Dead Snapping Turtle Dead SnappingTurtle Off Vale Rd. His Shell Is Cracking A Hook Is Embedded In His Neck
06HookEmbeddedInHisNeck 07CordCuttingHisNeck      
A Hook Is Embedded In His Neck The Cord Was Cutting Into His Neck

We all know that people can be good or bad. But when someone does something this mean it's downright heartbreaking. This snapping turtle was hooked in the neck with a large bait hook on a line that is weighted firmly to the bottom. It was not hooked in his mouth so it's not possible that he took a baited hook by mistake and the hook is much larger than anything I ever fished with in this lake. They may have misjudged the depth as he had enough line to come to the surface but not go much farther or to be able to feed.

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