Goose Control, April 2004
Bill Maloney

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Canada Geese. They used to migrate to to Canada and points south years back. But the lure of thick green fertilized lawns has been too good to resist, so now they stay in Pines Lake almost year round. Which would be fine except each animal produces 2lbs of feces a day and a dozen nesting pairs and their offspring deposit a whole lot of crap in on the beaches and in the lake every day. As well as fostering algae blooms and weeds, it makes for an unhealthy envionment for kids and adults in and out of the water.

This year we were able to get a permit from the state to addle the eggs. The Association then hired A.D.C. Systems of Metuchen to treat the eggs and hopefully reduce this year's new Canadian goose population substantially. Here is Paul Gallagher of A.D.C. at work. Paul treated a total of 39 eggs on 4/10/04 and expects to be back every 7-10 days until the end of May. This is important as none of the traditional nesting sites at the south end of the lake are populated yet.

Pines Lake 2004