Winter Late 90s / 04JustPlowedByTheTown
Bill Maloney

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There were nicely cut Cross Country Ski trails here before this was plowed.

One year I asked why they were plowing the trails. The answer I got was that they needed to keep the trails clear so that they could get equipment in to dredge the pond. I pointed out that everything hibernating in the pond were it was dredged would be killed. I was told that they had to do it in winter because at that time the ground was firm enough to support the dredging equipment and they had no choice. I asked when the dredging would start. The answer was that it couldn't start as long as there was snow on the ground near the pond as the equipment would get stuck... but they had to keep plowing the trails so the equipment could get in... and so on and so on...

It's township thinking like this that makes you wonder just what our property tax dollars are buying us.