Pines Lake Dam Lake Lowering - Sewer Pipe Limbo
Bill Maloney

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01Irresistible 02SizingItUp 03GoingIn 04JustAKayakWide
01 Irresistible 02 Sizing It Up 03 Going In 04 Just A Kayak Wide
05Midway 06CobwebCity 07HeadingOut 08Daylight
05 Midway 06 Cobweb City 07 Heading Out 08 Daylight
09Lakeside 10Lakeside 11Grounded 12ViewAft
09 Lakeside 10 Lakeside 11 Grounded 12 View Aft

This can only be done on one day as the lake is lowered. A few inches higher, and you can't fit. A few inches lower and you ground out. With the siphon fully open the water level is falling at the rate of 3 inches a day. The lake is usually frozen as it is refilling so it's usually only possible with the water level on the way down.

If you go through all of the photos and allow them to load fully, you can then click on the full sized photo quickly and get a quck frame by frame trip through the pipe!


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