Pines Lake NJ in 2006
Bill Maloney

01BaldEagle 02BaldEagle 03BaldEagle 04BaldEagle 05BaldEagleWide
01 Bald Eagle 02 Bald Eagle 03 Bald Eagle 04 Bald Eagle 05 Bald Eagle Wide
06BaldEagleInFlight 07FallColors 08FoggyMorning 09FoggyMorning 10FoggyMorning
06 Bald Eagle In Flight 07 Fall Colors 08 Foggy Morning 09 Foggy Morning 10 Foggy Morning
11DownedTree 12DumpedBranches      
11 Downed Tree 12 Dumped Branches

The Bald Eagle photos were taken at the north end of the North Island in mid August. He made about 6 or 7 strikes on the water but came up empty clawed each time. He was here for about 4 days then gone. I saw a different bird in the same area in late November. Unfortunately the optics on my camera are a bit soft at longer focal lengths, but at least you can tell it's not a pidgeon.

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