Ken Wallo Paddling Late 90s to 2001
Bill Maloney

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01WoodNCanvass 02Ken 03PassingSouthBeach 04PassingKnippenbergs 05HeReallyRollsIt
Wood & Canvass Ken Passing South Beach Passing Knippenberg's He Really Rolls It
06LookMaNoWake 07PaddlingOffIntoTheSunrise 08KensLapstrake 09LapstrakeWeeLassie 10AtTheNorthEnd
Look Ma! No Wake! Paddling Off Into The Sunrise Ken's Lapstrake Lapstrake Wee Lassie At The North End
11KenPaddles 12KenWallo 13SuchFineForm 14DontTipOver 15HesReallyGotItDown
Ken Paddles Ken Wallo Such Fine Form Dont Tip Over! He's Really Got It Down

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