Sussex Rail Trail
Bill Maloney

01RoadCrossing 02RoadCrossing 03Tunnel 04TrailView 05RoadCrossing
Road Crossing Road Crossing Tunnel Trail View Road Crossing
06RoadCrossing 07CranberryLakeTrailContinu 08TrailView 09CranberryLakeBridge 10WildWestCity
Road Crossing Cranberry Lake Trail Continuation Trail View Cranberry Lake Bridge Wild West City
11HoleInTheWall 12DoggieSchool      
Hole In The Wall Doggie School

I picked up the Sussex trail in Lafayette. It is a very frustrating trail in that it detours onto roads several times and the trail continuations are poorly marked, or not marked at all. From Sussex it runs south about 10 or 12 miles. Honestly I would not recommend it. The Paulinskill begins at the same parking area and is much more interesting and has no on road detours.

If you do want to do this trail I'd strongly recommend getting the book 24 Great Rail-Trails of New Jersey which has mileage figures for every onroad detour.

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