Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail, Castleton, VT
Bill Maloney

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Trail Head Trail Head Trail Sign Trail View Trail View
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Trail View Trail Bridge Trail View Bridge View Trail View
11Bridge 12Bridge 13TrailsEnd    
Bridge Bridge Trails End

I found the Delaware & Hudson Rail trail oddly enough in the VT Gazeteer. Take Rt. 4 to the Castleton Exit and head south. Make a right at the T and go to North St. and turn left. Continue past the campus and you'll see the trail head on the right (see the first photo). You can park in a gravel lot a few hundred feet up the road on the left. It's a quiet trail and runs about 10 miles south from this point. At about the 8 mile point you reach Poultney, a typical small VT town. It's a good place to stop and eat. I wish I had instead of getting a stale sub from Stewart's on the way. A couple of miles later the trail ends. Actually it does continue, but it's not maintained and completely overgrown. The bridge with the stream underneath is a good place to stop (just south of Poultney) for lunch if you've brought it. The trail could be better maintained. Unlike the Misissquoi where in spots a lot of the vegetation is cut back to create unobstructed sweeping views of the countryside, nothing is cut down around the trail, so you have to check out the views through the trees.

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