Dave, Bill, Christina, & Ben on the Delaware Raritan Rail Trail
Bill Maloney

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01DavesDillema 02BrokeSpoke 03WobblyWheel 04BenContemplates 05BenContinuesToContemplate
Dave's Dillema Broke Spoke Wobbly Wheel Ben Contemplates Ben Continues To Contemplate
06Adoraben 07TheHappyCouple 08DaveAdjustsHisBloodyPushb 09HappyCouple 10OKMaybeNotSoHappy
Adoraben The Happy Couple Dave Adjusts His Bloody Pushbike Happy Couple OK Maybe Not So Happy
11MakinFaces 12BenGropes 13DaveMugs 14GetARoomAlready 15GroupShot
Makin Faces Ben Gropes Dave Mugs Get A Room Already! Group Shot

A routine day on the trail turned into an adventure as Dave Bobeck's new bike snapped a spoke on the rear wheel. The wheel became so bent out of true that it rubbed and locked solidly against the frame. Dave was able to adjust the spokes so that it was somewhat rideable, then we continued another 3 miles into New Hope PA to find a bike shop to repair the wheel. A new spoke, a half hour of spoke tuning and $23 later and we were back on the trail... at 2:30 in late November 17 miles into a 34 mile trail ride... and we still needed to find lunch. After wolfing down sandwiches at a park on the Delaware river, we began pedalling back north to Frenchtown, NJ. Ben & Christina were amazing to be able to do the trail not having ridden regularly in years. Ben was hurting bigtime the last 13 miles but he soldiered on. We made it back to the vehicles just as darkness fell. A great day with good friends.

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