Riding the Columbia Rail Trail in early November
Bill Maloney

01Trailside 02Bridgeview 03RiverView 04Falls 05RiverView
Trailside Bridge view River View Falls River View
06FallsView 07Foliage 08Fallsview 09CalifonBridge  
Falls View Foliage Falls view Califon Bridge

This trail begins in Flanders off of Bartley Road just south of Bartley Chester Road. It continues south to High Bridge just north of Clinton. The southern end of the trail is just south of Mill Street. I didn't jot down the name of that street, but it does have a parking area where the trail ends. It's just a couple hundred feet south of Mill Street. The falls are about 1/3 mile north of Mill Street on the right. It's a hairy climb down to see it though (there's no safe path down to the falls on this side).

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