Burlington Bike Path, The Bike Ferry Bridging The Causeway
Bill Maloney

01FerryTicketTable 02InflatableCouch 03Ferry 04TheLastGapInTheCauseway 05NorthernPointOfTheGap
Ferry Ticket Table Inflatable Couch Ferry The Last Gap In The Causeway Northern Point Of The Gap
06ApproachingTheDock 07AnotherBikeFerry 08BikeFerryDock 09AssemblingOnTheNorthEnd  
Approaching The Dock Another Bike Ferry Bike Ferry Dock Assembling On The North End

The ferry consisted of 2 pontoon boats making regular crossings of the gap in the causeway leading out to Hero Island. The Round Trip ticket was $5. I believed this wa early August and they were running it on weekends only.

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