Ramapo Lake in Late October
Bill Maloney

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The Dam Lake View Trail View Trail View Lake View
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Lake View Trail View Tree Tower View Hazy Day
11WanaqueReservoir 12CastleRuins 13CastleRuins 14CastleRuins 15CastleRuins
Wanaque Reservoir Castle Ruins Castle Ruins Castle Ruins Castle Ruins

The Ramapo Lake loop starts at the top of Skyline Drive in Oakland across from a campground (Tamarack?). From there you head into the park via the gated access road 1 mile down to the lake. Turn left and continue around the lake til you see a driveway on the left with 2 concrete pillars on either side. Head up that driveway about a mile. You'll pass a carriage house on the left near the top and shortly after that will reach the ruins of an old castle like structure. It was a spectacular old home at one point, and was used as a bordello before it burned down earlier in the 1900s. To the right you have a sweeping view of the Wanaque Reservoir. To the left you have a view of the central Manhattan skyline.

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