Biking Lake Minnewaska, NY Fall 2004
Bill Maloney

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The Lake Minnewaska trail runs about 12 miles through the woods and along cliffside views in upstate NY. For some odd reason there was a sign saying the lower part of the trail that runs between Lake Minnewaska and Lake Awostning was closed to bicycles due to bad trail conditions. Well, I tried it myself and the conditions were just the same as they've been for the last 11 years. Which is rocky in some areas but you can get off and walk it if you want. It really is a gorgeous area, and once you get a mile from the parking lot you see very few people. I try to go during a weekday as the parking lot fills early. If you want to go on a weekend try to arrive by 10 at the very latest. Trail condtions run from ash & gravel to bare rocks & roots. It's not well maintained which is surprising considering the $6 parking fee. It wouldn't take many truckloads of fill to make it an easy trail for everyone.

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