Watervliet Arsenal Museum - M551 Sheridan Tank
Bill Maloney

01M551SheridanTank 02M551SheridanTank 03M551SheridanTankTracks 04M551SheridanTankRearDeck
01 M551 Sheridan Tank 02 M551 Sheridan Tank 03 M551 Sheridan Tank Tracks 04 M551 Sheridan Tank Rear Deck
05M551SheridanTankSmokeGrenadeProjectors 06M551SheridanTank50CalMachineGunMount 07M551SheridanTank152mmGunLauncher 08M551SheridanTankGunTurret
05 M551 Sheridan Tank Smoke Grenade Projectors 06 M551 Sheridan Tank 50Cal Machine Gun Mount 07 M551 Sheridan Tank 152mm Gun Launcher 08 M551 Sheridan Tank Gun Turret
09M551SheridanTankDriversPosition 10M551SheridanTank    
09 M551 Sheridan Tank Driver's Position 10 M551 Sheridan Tank

M551 Sheridan Light Tank Specifications:

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Military Museums in the Northeast
M551 Sheridan Tank M551 Sheridan Tank
M551 Sheridan Light Tank at the Militia Museum of Vermont in Essex Junction, VT An M551 Sheridan Tank at the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury, CT
M551 Sheridan Tank M551 Sheridan Tank
M551 Sheridan Light Tank at the American Armored Foundation Museum in Danville, VA M551 Sheridan Tank at the Patton Museum in Fort Knox, KY
  M551 Sheridan Tank
  M551 Sheridan Tank at the Fort Dix Army Reserve Mobilization Museum in Fort Dix, NJ

Length: 20 feet 8 inches
9 feet, 3 inches
9 feet, 8 inches
17.4 Tons
Max Speed: 44mph
Range: 370 miles
Armor: Classified
Powerplant: Detroit Diesel 6V-53T 6cyl Water Cooled Engine 300hp
Fuel Capacity: 174 Gallons
 One 152mm MGM-51 Shillelagh Infared Guided Missile System
 One 7.62mm Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1968
Unit Cost: $

Mark Holloway, a former M551 crew member and turret mechanic, has an M551 Sheridan Tank page with some very interesting technical and operational period photos of the Sheridan Tank in action. Several show the Shillelagh being launched and the missile in mid flight.

Here's a Youtube video of an M551 Sheridan light tank on the move, firing its main gun, and being air dropped from a plane! This next Sheridan tank video is both good and bad. Good in that it demonstrates the first of two C-130s doing a proper low level airdrop touch and go delivery of a pallated M551, but bad in that the second Hercules hit so hard it crashed and burned at the end of the runway. If you watch closely you will see the C-130 Hercules's wings and fuselage flex when it impacts the runway.

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