US Air Force Museum - WWII - Junkers Ju-52 Tante Ju
Bill Maloney

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01 Junkers JU-52 02 Junkers JU-52 03 Junkers JU-52 Fuselage 04 Junkers JU-52
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05 Junkers JU-52 Tail Section 06-Junkers JU-52 Tail Section 07 Aunte Ju 08 Junkers JU-52
09 Aunte Ju

Junkers JU-52 Transport Aunte Ju

When I first visited the US Air Force Museum in 1979 the Junkers JU-52 was unpainted and looking pretty sad. It looks so much better today, but I was disappointed to see it still outside subject to the weather. I asked one of the staff why it was still outdoors. He said that the curator felt that this aircraft was a "bitsa", a Spanish built version of the JU-52, a CASA 352L. But it's still a Junkers Trimotor and visually one of the more impressive aircraft in the collection. I think all it needs is the right Luftwaffe Markings and some additional cleanup and it would be a popular exhibit in the museum.

Junkers JU-52 Specifications:

Length: 62 feet, 0 inches
Wingspan: 95 feet, 11 inches
Height: 18 feet, 2 inches
Empty - 14,330lbs Max Takeoff - 24,250lbs
Max Speed: 178mph at 4,590 feet
Cruise Speed: 134mph
Range: 810 miles
Service Ceiling: 19,360 feet
Fuel Capacity: 647gallons
Powerplant: Three BMW 132T-2 Radial engines 830hp each
  1 MG-131 Machine Gun in a flexible dorsal mount
First Flight : April 1931


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