US Air Force Museum - Modern Flight - MiG-15
Bill Maloney

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MiG-15 Specifications:

MiG-15 Soviet Jet Fighters at other Aviation Museums in the Northeast
MiG-15 MiG-15
MiG-15 at the Naval Air Station Wildwood Museum in Rio Grande, NJ MiG-15 at the New England Air Museum in Hartford, CT
  MiG-15 at the Canadian Aviation Museum

Length: 33 feet 3 inches
33 feet, 1 inch
11 feet, 2 inches
Empty 8,630 lbs Loaded - 11,200 lbs
Max Speed: 670 mph
Cruise Speed: 525 mph
Range: 500 miles
Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 372
Powerplant: VK-1 centrifugal turbojet 6,000 lbs thrust (Design, courteously Rolls Royce aircraft engine factory)
 Two 23mm cannons 
 One 37mm cannon
 External rockets or 2,000 lb bomb load
First Flight : 1949
Cost: ___

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