US Air Force Museum - Cold War - McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle
Bill Maloney

01F15AEagle 02McDonnellDouglasF15AEagle 03McDonnellDouglasF15AEagle
01 F-15A Eagle 02 McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle 03 McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle

McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle Specifications:

F-15 Eagle Jet Fighters at other Aviation Museums in the Northeast
F-15 Eagle F-15 Eagle
Another F-15B Eagle at the Wings of Eagles Museum in Horseheads, NY Another F-15B Eagle at the Air Heritage Museum in Beaver Falls, PA

Length: 63 feet 9 inches
42 feet, 9 inches
18 feet, 7 inches
Empty 25,000lbs Loaded - 51,000lbs
Max Speed: 1,600mph
Cruise Speed: 570mph
Range: 3,400 miles with external fuel
Service Ceiling: 65,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 1,760 gallons internal, 1,800 gallons external
Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney F-100-PW-100 Turbojets
 One M61A1 20-millimeter Vulcan cannon
 Four AIM-7 Sparrows
 Four AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles,
 15,000 pounds of mixed ordnance carried externally
First Flight : July 27, 1972
Cost: $10,890,000

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