US Air Force Museum - Cold War - Douglas C-133A Cargomaster
Bill Maloney

01DouglasC133ACargomaster 02DouglasC133ACargomaster 03DouglasC133ACargomaster
01 Douglas C-133A Cargomaster 02 Douglas C-133A Cargomaster 03 Douglas C-133A Cargomaster

Douglas C-133A Cargomaster Specifications:

Length: 157 feet 6 inches
179 feet 8 inches
8 feet, 8 inches
Empty 120,000lbs Loaded - 282,000lbs Max
Max Speed: 354 mph
Cruise Speed: 310 mph
Range: 4,000 miles
Service Ceiling: 23,300 feet
Fuel Capacity: 18,000 gallons internal
Powerplant: Four Pratt & Whitney T34 Turboprops 7,000hp each
First Flight : April 23, 1956
Cost: $9,782,000

Here is a well done page by Mark detailing another C-133 Cargomaster stopping at Travis Air Force Base for its final retirement here at the base's air force museum. Lots of great interior and panel shots.

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