US Air Force Museum - Cold War - Convair B-58 Hustler
Bill Maloney

01B58Hustler 02B58Hustler 03B58Hustler 04B58Hustler
01 B-58 Hustler 02 B-58 Hustler 03 B-58 Hustler Belly 04 B-58 Hustler Tail View
05B58Hustler 06B58Hustler 07B58Hustler  
05 B-58 Hustler 06 B-58 Hustler 07 B-58 Hustler Rear View

Convair B-58 Hustler Bomber Specifications:

Length: 96 feet 4 inches
56 feet, 9 inches
31 feet, 9 inches
Empty 55,500lbs Loaded - 163,000lbs
Max Speed: 1,370mph
Cruise Speed: 610mph
Range: 4,100 miles
Service Ceiling: 64,000 feet
Fuel Capacity: 14,000 gallons internal, ___ gallons external
Powerplant: Four General Electric J79s turbojet engines 15,000 lbs. thrust each with afterburner
 One 20mm cannon in the tail
 One thermonuclear weapon in a central pod or more on wing pylons
First Flight : November 11, 1956
Cost: $12,442,000

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