New England Air Museum - Sikorsky R-6 Doman Conversion Helicopter
Bill Maloney

01SikorskyR6Helicopter 02SikorskyR6MainRotorHub 03SikorskyR6TailRotor 04SikorskyR6Helicopter
01 Sikorsky R-6 Helicopter 02 Sikorsky R-6 Main Rotor Hub 03 Sikorsky R-6 Tail Rotor 04 Sikorsky R-6 Helicopter

Sikorsky R-6 Domain Conversion Helicopter Specifications:

Fuselage Length: 38 feet 3 inches
Rotor Diameter:
38 feet
10 feet, 5 inches
1 + 1
Empty 2,100 lbs Loaded - 3,200 lbs
Max Speed: 95 mph
Cruise Speed: 90 mph
Range: 250 miles
Service Ceiling: 10,200 feet
Fuel Capacity: 66 gallons
Powerplant: Franklin O-405-9 air cooled opposed 6 cylinder gas engine 235hp
First Flight : 1945
Cost: $

The Sikorsky R-6 Doman Conversion was an experiment to explore a concept of a simpler main rotor hub. Rather than having a cyclic that tilts each blade independently to provide tilt forward, aft, left, and right, the R-6 Domain Conversion's blades are in a fixed hub that can be tilted as a whole. For collective control all of the blades are tilted together as one by rotating the shafts entering the rotor hub hydraulically.

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