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Bill Maloney

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06 Weapons Of The 1800s

06 Weapons Of The 1800s

Colt Machine Gun 1895

More Colt/Browning M1895 Machine Guns at other Military Museums in the Northeast
Colt Browning M1895 Machine Gun Potato Digger Colt Browning Machine Gun
Another Colt/Browning M1895 Machine Gun (Potato Digger) at the West Point Museum in West Point, NY A Colt/Browning M1895 Machine Gun at the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburgh, PA

Caliber: .7x57 Mauser
Action: Gas
Muzzle Velocity: 2,300fps
Range: 3,000yards
Rate of fire: 400 rounds per minute
Magazine Capacity: 250 round belts
Barrel Length: inches
Overall Length: 40 inches
Weight: 96lbs
Year Built: 1895