Aberdeen US Army Ordnance Museum - MBT-70 Main Battle Tank
Bill Maloney

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MBT-70 Main Battle Tank Specifications:

MBT-70 Main Battle Tank
Another MBT-70 Main Battle Tank can be found at the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury, CT

Length: 22 feet 11 inches
11 feet, 6 inches
8 feet, 6 inches
50 Tons
Max Speed: 43mph
Range: 400 miles
Armor: Classified
Powerplant: Continental AVCR 12 Cylinder Air Cooled Diesel 1,475hp
Fuel Capacity: Gallons
 152mm Main Gun/Missile System
 One 7.62mm coax Machine Gun
Entered Service: 1967 (Prototype)
Unit Cost: $305 million for the prototypes only

The boxlike objects on the outside of the turret are solid weights to help simulate the expected weight of the production vehicle. The hull and turret were not constructed of the same heavy ballistic armor planned for the final version. If a depleted uranium laminate were planned, it would be much heavier.

The main gun is a developmental version of the shorter gun found on the M60A2 which fired only the Shillelagh missile. This longer barrel gives the 152mm conventional round higher velocity, flatter trajectory and increased range.

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