Jeff Gets Stuck
Bill Maloney

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01DeadInTheWater 02BruceChurns 03HowardReadiesAPull 04MudCascades 05MudCascades
Dead In The Water Bruce Churns Howard Readies A Pull Mud Cascades Mud Cascades
06MudCascades 07TheExhaustBurbles 08BruceInAwe 09HowardReadiesAPull 10HowardGoesToPot
Mud Cascades The Exhaust Burbles Bruce In Awe Howard Readies A Pull Howard Goes To Pot
11TheStrapTightens 12HowardDogs4Holes 13WellThatWasntMuchHelp 14JeffReadiesTheWinchCable 15JeffHooksUp
The Strap Tightens
Howard Digs 4 Holes Well That Wasn't Much Help Jeff Readies The Winch Cable Jeff Hooks Up

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