Ben Gets Stuck
Bill Maloney

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01BenGoesIn 02ButNotVeryFar 03DeadInTheWater 04Woof 05WoofWoof
Ben Goes In
But Not Very Far
Dead In The Water
Woof! Woof!
06WoofWoofWoof 07DixonSnaps 08ARBOrganicBumper 09ItsAttractedToAluminum 10WhoBuysTheUnderwearInThisHousehold
Woof! Woof! Woof! Dixon Snaps ARB Organic Bumper It's Attracted To Aluminum Who Buys The Underwear In This Household?
11GeorgeNJeff 12BenGrabsAStrap 13BenStrapped 14AlanAnchors 15AlanHaulsItIn
George & Jeff Ben Grabs A Strap Ben Strapped Alan Anchors Alan Hauls It In

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